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People’s Pike or People’s Pillar to Post?

TweetHow would I like to think of the People‚Äôs Pike? I want to see a bicycle path and an adjacent footpath which avoid crossing and turning conflicts, passing under the ramps to the Turnpike and to the proposed West Station, … Continue reading

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Honked at again

TweetI was bicycling home from church on a Sunday afternoon recently. The church I attend, First Parish in Waltham, has a parking lot on either side, but also the public school parking lot across the street doesn’t get much use … Continue reading

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Commonwealth Avenue and the BU campus

TweetThe Boston cyclists Union and Livable Streets are promoting cycle tracks for Commonwealth Avenue. The bicycle industry’s Astroturf advocacy organization, Peoplefor Bikes, is asking people to sign a petition in support of them. Not a good idea. Cycle tracks on … Continue reading

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Bike Lane Goes Under

TweetA new version of Google Street View allows views of the same location at different times, very helpful in tracing the history of road projects. The view below of Massachusetts Avenue eastbound, just east of Harrison Avenue in Boston, Massachusetts … Continue reading

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I-90 Interchange project announcement

TweetGovernor Deval Patrick announces commitment to a major expansion in the I-90 Interchange project, 2:40 PM, September 18, 2014, Beacon Yards, Allston section of Boston, Massachusetts. The abandoned rail yards are now a 22-acre wasteland in the middle of the … Continue reading

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Massachusetts low-speed motor vehicle law

TweetIt is legal to operate a farm tractor, horsedrawn carriage, construction equipment, bicycle or motorized bicycle (moped) on any public way in the Commonwealth except for limited-access and express state highways. The rules for low-speed motor vehicles are far, far … Continue reading

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A British study clarifies the problem with trucks

TweetI thank Bob Shanteau, California traffic engineer and cyclist, for this link. The paper, from the U.K., puts numbers on the problem with bicyclist and pedestrian fatalities in collisions with large trucks. A quote: Lorries are involved in around 4,200 … Continue reading

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