Bicycle industry lobby’s database missates length of cycle track

This page is a supporting document for my blog post about the Western Avenue cycle track in the Allston section of Boston.

An online database linked from a Peopleforbikes (bicycle industry lobby) Web page of “protected bike lanes” includes the information in the table below. (current as of August 8, 2014). The length of the bikeway is given as 0.58 mile. The actual length which meets the definitions of “protected” — barrier-separated — is approximately 0.2 mile. Neither the Boston Cyclists’ Union nor article, cited by PeopleforBikes as sources, states the length of the cycle track. The erroneous information, then, has to have come from the Mayor’s Office, or another source not listed in the database entry. Also, as indicated in my blog post, the cycle track was built in stages, and only 0.1 mile of it existed at any time before mid-2012.

City: Boston
Street: Western Ave
State: MA
Status: built
Year: 2011
Centerline miles: 0.58
Facility type: 1-way, one side
Protection type: Parked cars
This info last updated: Jan 2013
References Kris Carter, Mayor’s Office
Notes The other direction is served by a buffered bike lane.

3 Responses to Bicycle industry lobby’s database missates length of cycle track

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  2. Hey, just saw this! Thanks for calling attention to it. Our information on this probably came from city staff, but I’m not sure. In any case, we’ll get it fixed. You’re saying it should say: 0.2 centerline miles; one-way, one side; built 2012. Yes?

  3. jsallen says:

    The separated bikeway has only ever been one-way, on one side of the street. An 0.1 mile segment was installed in November, 2011 and removed sometime in the first half of 2012. Then it was replaced and another 0.1 mile segment was installed later in 2012. The other side has a bike lane. I think that you need to make clear that this is a one-way facility on a two-way street. What adds to the confusion is that maps from the City of Boston show an entire 0.58 mile segment as “cycle track” without any information about the date of installation, and without any mention about the one-way, one-side facility either. I describe the history in more detail in other pages linked from this one.

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