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What’s wrong with this picture?

TweetAs hunting seasons are introduced to control the deer population in Boston suburbs and nearby parklands, I’m reminded of an article which appeared in the alumni magazine of Middlebury College, one of my alma maters. The article told how Middlebury … Continue reading

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The Globe Screws Up on Nighttime Safety

TweetThe Boston Globe has published an article titled “Survival Guide for Running and Biking in the Dark.” This picture appeared with the article: you need it to understand my comments. The article addresses issues of retroreflector placement and motion, while … Continue reading

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Mass Ave, Arlington, and two approaches to bicycling

TweetThis article is about Massachusetts Avenue in Arlington, but at a deeper level, it is about two very different approaches to bicycling. I’ll start by recalling Massachusetts Avenue as it used to be. Massachusetts Avenue was striped with two lanes. … Continue reading

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