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My e-mail in support of West Station

TweetAlexander Strysky is the reviewer for the Massashusetts Environmental Protection Agency reviewer for the I-90 Interchange project in Allston. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has backed off from plans for prompt construction of  anew West Station on the Framingham-Worcester commuter-rail … Continue reading

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My letter to the Globe about the Kurmann fatality

TweetI’ve read the Op-Ed piece by Andrew Fischer and Alan Wright, “Killing Bicyclists should be a crime” in the Sunday, January 28 Globe. I agree with Wright and Fischer that a charge of involuntary manslaughter against the trucker in the … Continue reading

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Bicyclists always had the right, the Globe got it wrong

TweetThe Starts and Stops column in the Metro section of the Sunday, June 10 2012 Boston Globe, and in, included a discussion of whether bicyclists are required to ride in bike lanes, under the subheading “Bikers get the right” … Continue reading

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