Close Encounter on Washington Street

Hmm, Bostonbike stripped out the video I intended to embed here, but you can still click on the link below.

A Close Encounter on Washington Street from John Allen on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to Close Encounter on Washington Street

  1. burdock says:

    Oh my God! I frequently bike down that street!
    And why can’t bikes go down that street? What are my alternatives if I want to go to Government Center, Milk Street, the North End for instance? Go up the hill on Beacon Street on my heavy dutch bike? I am not some young guy out for a conditioning ride. I am an older woman. Just the sort of person they would like to see more of on bikes. To encourage people to bike, they need to be able to have direct routes. And biking down Washington Street is a nice low car- traffic route. Pedestrians and cyclists can mix just fine, as long as cyclists adjust their speed and are mindful of pedestrians. – Rebecca Albrecht

  2. jsallen says:

    Actually it is legal to ride there. The Downtown Boston Business Improvement District’s Web site discourages riding but unlike its uninformed representative, does not say that it is prohibited. Certainly, you must ride with caution there as in any area where pedestrians circulate. But watch out for those chains!

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