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Is it all right?

TweetAt the Boston Bicycle Safety Summit, February 23, 2016, in a small breakout group, Cyclist Jonathan Traum drew a sketch like this: (Thanks to John Schubert for this version, which looks like Traum’s, only neater.) Traum indicated that the right-hook … Continue reading

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Spam, and lost comments

TweetSpam has become such a problem in WordPress blogs that I don’t have time to read through all the messages which have the Aksimet spam filter has marked as spam: I just delete them. Recently, inĀ  the moment between when … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with this picture?

TweetAs hunting seasons are introduced to control the deer population in Boston suburbs and nearby parklands, I’m reminded of an article which appeared in the alumni magazine of Middlebury College, one of my alma maters. The article told how Middlebury … Continue reading

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My opinions on the bills before the Massachusetts General Court

TweetI can’t go to the Wednesday, January 6 hearing on transportation bills, because I’ll be out of town on business, but here’s my take (and be sure to read through to the last bill on which I comment: it’s one … Continue reading

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Some Plain Talk about Plainville

TweetThe town manager in Plainville, Massachusetts, has complained about a new bike lane which has been installed in connection with upgrading of a casino by the side of Washington Street, US Route 1. He thinks that the bike lane should … Continue reading

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New Product — ShelBroCo Magic Green Paint

TweetHere’s a high-tech product which deserves to be used in every new bicycle infrastructure project. The linked page gives a thorough description and videos!

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Commonwealth Avenue victory?

TweetI submitted the following comments in response to a Boston Globe article reporting on proposed bikeways on Commonwealth Avenue. Real solutions to bicycle and pedestrian mobility in the Commonwealth Avenue corridor can be found by connecting parallel streets, an initiative … Continue reading

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A letter to a neighbor

TweetMarch 8, 2015 To my neighbor at [address]: Aside from the usual traffic interactions, I had two unusual ones this morning while riding my bicycle to and from church. On my way home, I passed some neighbors who were walking … Continue reading

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Boston Police bicycle training

TweetAre the Boston Police getting the training they need to be safe and effective on bicycles? I don’t think so. I don’t know how they train, but I have seen how they perform. In another post, I described how a … Continue reading

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Narrow-Gauge Rail Trail, Bedford: safer to walk across the street?

TweetThe photo below, from summaer 2011, is a cylindrical panorama: Hillside Road, at the right, is at a right angle to Route 4-225 (the Great Road) at the left. The Narrow Gauge Rail Trail runs from front to rear in … Continue reading

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