My letter to the Globe about the Kurmann fatality

I’ve read the Op-Ed piece by Andrew Fischer and Alan Wright, “Killing Bicyclists should be a crime” in the Sunday, January 28 Globe.

I agree with Wright and Fischer that a charge of involuntary manslaughter against the trucker in the Anita Kurmann fatality is warranted, as he precipitously and illegally turned right from the second lane; also, that the police report on the crash is deeply flawed in holding Kurmann at fault. She violated no law. She did, however, ride into what a well-informed cyclist would have recognized as a potential deathtrap.

Any good which may be drawn from the Kurmann tragedy is in preventing others in the future. And, as cyclists in many recent tragic collisions, including Kurmann, have had academic connections, colleges and universities must understand that instruction in safe cycling would pay for itself, even if considered only in terms of avoided loss.

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