My e-mail in support of West Station

Alexander Strysky is the reviewer for the Massashusetts Environmental Protection Agency reviewer for the I-90 Interchange project in Allston. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has backed off from plans for prompt construction of  anew West Station on the Framingham-Worcester commuter-rail line, which is an essential element of the project. My comment e-mail to Mr. Strysky is below.



Subject: I-90 Interchange project, EEA # 15278

Date: January 31, 2018

Dear Mr. Strysky:

I am writing in support of prompt construction of West Station as part of the I-90 Interchange project. West Station offers not only an alternative to increased traffic clogging the Turnpike and surface streets, but also north-south bus, pedestrian and bicycling connections, all the more important with the massive development project on the former Beacon Yards, and the option for a transit connection to Cambridge on the Grand Junction rail line.

I am pleased that Harvard University has stepped up and increased its commitment to this effort, but all other necessary measures must be undertaken so the prompt construction of West Station occurs.

Very truly yours,

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